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  • VAMP2 chaperones α-synuclein in synaptic vesicle co-condensates
    Wang C.C.¶, Zhang K., Cai B., Jillian E.H., Kathryn E.C., Hu J.J., Zhao C.Y., Tian Z.Q., Hu X., Daniel Hall., Qiang J.L., Hou S.Q., Liu Z.Y., Gu J.G., Zhang Y.Y., Kim B.S., Jacqueline B., Fang Y.S., Liu C., Axel T.B., Li Dan.*, Diao J.J.*
    Nat Cell Biol., 2024. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Phase-separated ParB enforces diverse DNA compaction modes and stabilizes the parS-centered partition complex

    Zhao Y.L.¶, Guo L.J.¶, Hu J.J.¶, Ren Z.Y., Li Y.N., Hu M., Zhang X., Bi L.L., Li D.,

    Ma H.H., Liu C.*, Sun Bo.*

    Nucleic Acids Res., 2024. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Hsp90α forms condensate engaging client proteins with RG motif repeats
    Hu J.J.*¶, Dong H., Li Y.C., Gu J.G., Yang L., Si C.F., Zhang Y.Y., Li T.T., Li D.*, Liu C.*
    Chem Sci
    ., 2024. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Lysophosphatidylcholine binds α-synuclein and prevents its pathological 


    Zhao C.Y.¶, Tu J.¶, Wang C.C.¶, Liu W.B., Gu J.G., Yin Y.D., Zhang S.N., Li D., Diao J.J.*, Zhu Z.J.*, Liu C.*
    Natl Sci Rev.
    , 2024. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Aplp1 interacts with Lag3 to facilitate transmission of pathologic α-synuclein

    Mao X.¶, Gu H.¶, Kim D.¶, Kimura Y., Wang N., Xu E., Kumbhar R., Ming X., 

    Wang H., Chen C., Zhang S., Jia C., Liu Y., Bian H., Karuppagounder SS., Akkentli F., 

    Chen Q., Jia L., Hwang H., Lee SH., Ke X., Chang M., Li A., Yang J., Rastegar C., 

    Sriparna M., Ge P., Brahmachari S., Kim S., Zhang S., Shimoda Y., Saar M., Liu H., 

    Kweon SH., Ying M., Workman CJ., Vignali DAA., Muller UC., Liu C., Ko HS.*, 

    Dawson VL.*, Dawson TM.*

    Nat Commun., 2024. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)

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  • A Tau PET tracer PBB3 binds to TMEM106B amyloid fibril in brain
    Zhao Q.Y.¶, Fan Y.¶, Zhao W.B., Ni Y., Tao Y.Q., Bian J., Xia W.C., Yu W.B., Fan Z.,
    Liu C., Sun B., Le W.D., Li W.S., Wang J.*, Li D.*
    Cell Discov., 2024. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • A phase-separated protein hub modulates resistance to Fusarium head blight in wheat
    He Y.¶, Yang X.J.¶, Xia X.B.¶, Wang Y.H., Dong Y.F., Wu L., Jiang P., Zhang X., Jiang C., Ma H.X., Ma W.J., Liu C., Ryan W., Matthew R.T., Zhang Z.G., Li G.*
    Cell Host Microbe., 2024. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Phosphorylation and O-GlcNAcylation at the same α-synuclein site generate distinct fibril structures
    Hu J.J.¶, Xia W.C.¶, Zeng S.Y.¶, Lim  Y.J.¶, Tao Y.Q., Sun Y.P., Zhao L., Wang H.S.,
    Le W.D., Li D., Zhang S.N., Liu C.*, Li Y.M.*
    Nat Commun., 2024. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Halogen doped graphene quantum dots modulate TDP-43 phase separation and aggregation in the nucleus 
    Zhang H.¶, Guo H.Z., Li D.N., Zhang Y.L., Zhang S.Q., Kang W.Y., Liu C., Le W.D.,
    Wang L.*, Li D.*, Dai B.*
    Nat Commun., 2024. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • N-acetylation of α-synuclein enhances synaptic vesicle clustering mediated by α-synuclein and lysophosphatidylcholine
    Wang C.¶, Zhao C.¶, Hu X., Qiang J., Liu Z., Gu J., Zhang S., Li D., Zhang Y., Burré J., Diao J.*, Liu C.*
    bioRxiv., 2024. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Machine learning predictor PSPire screens for phase-separating proteins lacking intrinsically disordered regions
    Hou S.¶, Hu J.J.¶, Yu Z.W., Li D, Liu C.*, Zhang Y.*
    Nat Commun., 2024. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Cryo-EM structures reveal variant Tau amyloid fibrils between the rTg4510 mouse model and sporadic human tauopathies

    Zhao W.B.¶, Liu K.E.¶, Fan Y.¶, Zhao Q.Y., Tao Y.Q., Zhang M.W., Gan L.H., Yu W.B., 

    Sun B., Li D., Liu C.*, Wang J.*

    Cell Discov., 2024. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Phosphorylation-Regulated Dynamic Phase Separation of HIP-55 Protects Against Heart Failure
    Jiang Y.Q.¶, Gu J.G.¶, Niu X.D.¶, Hu J.J., Zhang Y.Z., Li D., Tang Y.D., Liu C.*, Li Z.J.*
    Circulation., 2024. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Advanced Techniques for Detecting Protein Misfolding and Aggregation in
    Cellular Environments
    Bai Y.L.¶, Zhang S.N.¶, Dong H.¶, Liu Y., Liu C.*, Zhang X.*
    Chem Rev., 2023. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Molecular rules governing the structural polymorphism of amyloid fibrils in
    neurodegenerative diseases
    Li D.*, Liu C.*
    Structure., 2023. (*corresponding author)
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  • Neutral lysophosphatidylcholine mediates α-synuclein-induced synaptic vesicle

    Lai Y.¶, Zhao C.Y.¶, Tian Z.Q.¶, Wang C.C.¶, Fan J.Q.¶, Hu X., Tu J., Li T.H.,
    Leitz Jeremy., Pfuetzne R.A., Liu Z.T., Zhang S.N., Su Z.M., Burré J., Li D.,
    Südhof Thomas.C., Zhu Z.J., Liu C.*, Brunger Axel.T.*, Diao J.J.*

    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 2023. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Creating an Amyloid 'Kaleidoscope' Using Short Iodinated Peptides
    Li D.N.¶, Ma Y.Y.¶, Xia W.C., Tao Y.Q., Zhang Y.L., Zhang H., Li D., Dai B.*, Liu C.*
    Angew Chem Int Ed Engl., 2023. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Engineering of antimicrobial peptide fibrils with feedback degradation of 
    bacterial-secreted enzymes
    Wang F.H.¶, Xia W.C.¶, Zhang M.M., Wu R.R., Song X.L., Hao Y., Feng Y.H., 
    Zhang L.W., Li D., Kang W.Y., Liu C.*, Liu L.* 
    Chem Sci., 2023. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Rational design of functional amyloid fibrillar assemblies

    Wang X.Y.¶, Zhang S.N.¶, Zhang J.C., Wang Y.M., Jiang X.Y., Tao Y.Q., Li D., 

    Zhong C.*, Liu C.*

    Chem Soc Rev., 2023. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Development of an α-synuclein positron emission tomography tracer for imaging synucleinopathies
    Xiang J.¶, Tao Y.Q.¶, Xia Y.Y.¶, Luo S.L., Zhao Q.Y., Li B.W., Zhang X.Q., Sun Y.P., Xia W.C., Zhang M.M., Kang S.S., Ahn E.H., Liu X., Xie F., Guan Y.H., Yang J.J., Bu L,H., Wu S.X., Wang X.C., Cao X.B., Liu C., Zhang Z.T.*, Li D.*, Ye K.Q.*
    Cell., 2023. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Structural mechanism for specific binding of chemical compounds to amyloid

    Tao Y.Q.¶, Xia W.C.¶, Zhao Q.Y.¶, Xiang H.J., Han C., Zhang S.Q., Gu W., 

    Tang W.J, Li Y., Tan L., Li D.*, Liu C.*

    Nat Chem Biol., 2023. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)

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  • β2-Microglobulin coaggregates with Aβ and contributes to amyloid pathology 
    and cognitive deficits in Alzheimer's disease model mice
    Zhao Y.N.¶, Zheng Q.Y., Hong Y.J., Gao Y., Hu J.J., Lang M.J., Zhang H.F., Zhou Y., 
    Luo H., Zhang X., Sun H., Yan X.X., Huang T., Wang Y.J., Xu H., Liu C., Wang X.*
    Nat Neurosci., 2023. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Protein amyloid aggregate: Structure and function
    Xu Q.H.¶, Ma Y.Y.¶, Sun Y.P.¶, Li D., Zhang X., Liu C.* 
    , 2023. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Modular characterization of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein domain functions 
    in nucleocapsid-like assembly
    Wang Y.¶, Ling X.B.¶, Zhang C., Zou J., Luo B.N., Luo Y.B., Jia X.Y., Jia G.W., 
    Zhang M.H., Hu J.C., Liu T., Wang Y.F.Y., Lu K.F., Li D., Ma J.B.*, Liu C.*, Su Z.M.*
    Mol Biomed., 2023. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Graphene Quantum Dots Modulate Stress Granule Assembly and Prevent 
    Abnormal Phase Transition of Fused in Sarcoma Protein
    Zhang H.¶, Gu J.G., Zhang Y.L., Guo H.Z., Zhang S.N., Song J., Liu C., Wang L.*, 
    Li D.*, Dai B.*
    ACS Nano., 2023. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Emerging roles of O-glycosylation in regulating protein aggregation, phase 
    separation, and functions
    Li X.¶, Lv P.¶, Du Y.F.¶, Xing C.*, Liu C.*
    Curr Opin Chem Biol.
    , 2023. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Conformational Dynamics of an α-Synuclein Fibril upon Receptor Binding 
    Revealed by Insensitive Nuclei Enhanced by Polarization Transfer-Based 
    Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Cryo-Electron Microscopy
    Zhang S.N.¶, Li J.¶, Xu Q.H.¶, Xia W.C., Tao Y.Q., Shi C.W., Li D., Xiang S.Q.*, Liu C.*
    J Am Chem Soc.
    , 2023. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Cannabidivarin alleviates α-synuclein aggregation via DAF-16 in Caenorhabditis 
    Wang F.R.¶, Jin T.¶, Li H.Y.¶, Long H.F., Liu Y., Jin S., Lu Y.Y., Peng Y.H., Liu C.
    Zhao L.H.*, Wang X.H.* 
    FASEB J., 2023. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Intrastriatal injection of Parkinson's disease intestine and vagus lysates initiates 
    α-synucleinopathy in rat brain
    Yang Z.F.¶, Wang Y.¶, Wei M., Li S., Jia C.C., Cheng C., Nusaif M., Zhang J., Liu C.
    Le W.D.*
    Cell Death Dis., 2023. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Targeting amyloid proteins for clinical diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases
    Zhang S.Q.¶, Dong H.¶, Bian J.¶, Li D., Liu C.*
    Fundamental Research.
    , 2022.  (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Conformational change of α-synuclein fibrils in cerebrospinal fluid from different clinical phases of Parkinson’s disease
    Fan Y.¶, Sun Y.P.¶, Yu W.B., Tao Y.Q., Xia W.C., Liu Y.Q., Zhao Y.Q., Tang Y.L., Sun Y.M., Liu F.T., Cao Q., Wu J.J., Liu C., Wang J.*, Li D.*
    Structure., 2022.  (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Subtle change of fibrillation condition leads to substantial alteration of 
    recombinant Tau fibril structure
    Li X.¶, Zhang S.Q.¶, Liu Z.T.¶, Tao Y.Q., Xia W.C., Sun Y.P., Liu C., Le W.D., Sun B., 
    Li D.*
    iScience., 2022. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Activating NO-sGC crosstalk in the mouse vascular niche promotes vascular 
    integrity and mitigates acute lung injury
    He H.¶, Yang W.¶, Su N.¶, Zhang C.K., Dai J.N., Han F., Singhai M., Bai W.J., Zhu X.L., Zhu J., Liu Z., Xia W.C., Liu X.T., Zhang C.H., Jiang K., Huang W.H., Chen D., 
    Wang Z.Y., He X.Y., Kirchhoff F., Li Z.Y., Liu C., Huan J.N., Wang X.H., Wei W., 
    Wang J., Augustin H.G., Hu J.H.*
    J Exp Med., 2023. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Global profiling of arginine dimethylation in regulating protein phase separation 
    by a steric effect-based chemical-enrichment method
    Wang Q.¶, Li Z.X.¶, Zhang S.Q.¶, Li Y.C., Wang Y., Fang Z., Ma Y.N., Liu Z., Li D., 
    Liu C.*, Ye M.L.*
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A., 2022. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • A High-Throughput Method to Profile Protein Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation
    Li Y.C., Gu J.G., Liu C., Li D.*
    Methods in Molecular Biology., 2022 (*corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Interaction of RAGE with α-synuclein fibrils mediates inflammatory response of 
    Long H.F.¶, Zhang S.N.¶, Zeng S.Y., Tong Y.L., Liu J., Liu C.*, Li D.*
    Cell Rep., 2022. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
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  • Non-ergodicity of a globular protein extending beyond its functional timescale
    Li J.¶, Xie J.F., Godec A., Weninger K.R., Liu C., Smith J.C., Hong L.*
    Chem Sci., 2022. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Heat-shock chaperone HSPB1 regulates cytoplasmic TDP-43 phase separation 
    and liquid-to-gel transition
    Lu S.¶, Hu J.J., Arogundade O.A., Goginashvili A., Vazquez-Sanchez S., Diedrich J.K., Gu J.G., Blum J., Oung S., Ye Q.Z., Yu H.Y., Ravits J., Liu C., Yates J.R., 
    Cleveland D.W.*
    Nat Cell Biol. 2022. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Specific binding of Hsp27 and phosphorylated Tau mitigates abnormal Tau 
    aggregation-induced pathology
    Zhang S.N.¶, Zhu Y.¶, Lu J.X.¶, Liu Z.Y., Lobato A.G., Zeng W., Liu J.Q., Zeng S.Y., 
    Liu C., Liu J., He Z.H., Zhai R.G.*, Li D.*
    Elife., 2022.  (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Bloom Syndrome Helicase Compresses Single‐Stranded DNA into 
    Phase‐Separated Condensates
    Wang T.¶, Hu J.J.¶, Li Y.N., Bi L.L., Guo X.S., Zhang X., Li D., Hou X.M., Modesti M., 
    Xi X.G., Liu C.*, Sun B.*
    Angew Chem Int Ed Engl., 2022.  (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Stochastically multimerized ParB orchestrates DNA assembly as unveiled by 
    single-molecule analysis
    Guo J.L.¶, Zhao Y.L.¶, Zhang Q., Feng Y., Zhang X., Wang T., Liu C., Ma H.H., Sun B.*
    Nucleic Acids Res., 2022.  (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Heparin induces α-synuclein to form new fibril polymorphs with attenuated 
    Tao Y.Q.¶, Sun Y.P.¶, Lv S.R., Xia W.C., Zhao K., Xu Q.H., Zhao Q.Y., He L., Wang Y., 
    Liu C.*, Li D.*
    Nat Commun., 2022.  (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Hyperosmotic-stress-induced liquid-liquid phase separation of ALS-related 
    proteins in the nucleus
    Gao C.¶, Gu J.G., Zhang H., Jiang K., Tang L.L., Liu R., Zhang L., Zhang P.F., Liu C.*
    Dai B.*, Song H.*
    Cell Reports., 2022. (¶first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Structural insights of Fe 3+ induced α-synuclein fibrillation in Parkinson's disease
    Zhao Q.Y.¶, Tao Y.Q.¶, Zhao K., Ma Y.Y., Xu Q.H., Liu C., Zhang S.N., Li D.*
    J Mol Biol., 2022. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Cryo-EM structure of an amyloid fibril formed by full-length human SOD1 reveals its conformational conversion
    Wang L.Q.¶, Ma Y.Y.¶, Yuan H.Y.¶, Zhao K., Zhang M.Y., Wang Q., Huang X., Dai B., 
    Chen J., Li D., Zhang D.L., Wang Z.Z., Zou L.Y., Yin P., Liu C.*, Liang Y.*
    Nat. Commun., 2022. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Hsp70 exhibits a liquid-liquid phase separation ability and chaperones condensed FUS against amyloid aggregation
    Li Y.C.¶, Gu J.G., Wang C., Hu J.J., Zhang S.Q., Liu C., Zhang S.N., Fang Y.S., Li D.*
    iScience., 2022. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Conformational strains of pathogenic amyloid proteins in neurodegenerative 
    Li D.*, Liu C.*
    Nat Rev Neurosci.
    , 2022. (*corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Cellular and animal models to investigate pathogenesis of amyloid aggregation 
    in neurodegenerative diseases
    Long H.F., Zeng S.Y., Li D.*
    Biophysics Reports., 2022. (*corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Biochemical and biophysical characterization of pathological aggregation of 
    amyloid proteins
    Long H.F., Zeng S.Y., Sun Y.P., Liu C.*
    Biophysics Reports.
    , 2022. (*corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Identifying Heterozipper β-Sheet in Twisted Amyloid Aggregation
    Song Y.X., Dai B., Wang Y., Wang Y., Liu C., Gourdon P., Liu L.*, Wang K.T.*, 
    Dong M.D.*
    Nano Lett., 2022. (*corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Liquid-liquid phase separation of RBGD2/4 is required for heat stress resistance 
    in Arabidopsis
    Zhu S.B.¶, Gu J.G.¶, Yao J.J., Li Y.C., Zhang Z.T., Xia W.C., Wang Z., Gui X.R., Li L.T., 
    Li D., Zhang H.*, Liu C.*
    Developmental Cell.
    , 2022. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • A high-throughput method for exploring the parameter space of protein 
    liquid-liquid phase separation
    Li Y.C.¶, Gu J.G.¶, Liu C.*, Li D.*
    Cell Reports Physical Science., 2022 (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • SARS-CoV-2 impairs the disassembly of stress granules and promotes 
    ALS-associated amyloid aggregation
    Li Y.C.¶, Lu S.Y.¶, Gu J.G.¶, Xia W.C., Zhang S.N., Zhang S.Q., Wang Y., Zhang C., 
    Sun Y.P., Lei J., Liu C., Su Z.M.*, Yang J.T.*, Peng X.Z.*, Li D.*
    Protein Cell., 2022. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • The mouse nicotinamide mononucleotide adenylyltransferase chaperones 
    diverse pathological amyloid client proteins
    Huang C.A.¶, Lu J.X.¶, Ma X.J.¶, Qiang J.L., Wang C.C., Liu C., Fang Y.S., Zhang Y.Y., 
    Li D.*, Zhang S.N.*
    J Biol Chem., 2022. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Generic amyloid fibrillation of TMEM106B in patient with Parkinson's disease 
    dementia and normal elders
    Fan Y.¶, Zhao Q.Y.¶, Xia W.C.¶, Tao Y.Q., Yu W.B., Chen M.J., Liu Y.Q., Zhao J., 
    Sun Y.P., Si C.F., Zhang S.Q., Zhang Y.Y., Li W.S., Liu C.*, Wang J.*, Li D.*
    Cell Research., 2022.  (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Spatiotemporal dynamic regulation of membraneless organelles by chaperone 
    Li D.*, Liu C.*
    Trends in Cell Biology.
    , 2022. (*corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Molecular structure of an amyloid fibril formed by FUS low-complexity domain
    Sun Y.P.¶, Zhang S.Q.¶, Hu J.J.¶, Tao Y.Q., Xia W.C., Gu J.G., Li Y.C., Cao Q., Li D., 
    Liu C.*
    , 2021. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Genetic prion disease–related mutation E196K displays a novel amyloid fibril 
    structure revealed by cryo-EM
    Wang L.Q.¶, Zhao K.¶, Yuan H.Y.¶, Dang H.B., Ma Y.Y., Wang Q., Wang C., Sun Y.P., Chen J., Li D., Zhang D.L., Yin P., Liu C.*, Liang Y.*
    Science Advances., 2021. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • The hereditary mutation G51D unlocks a distinct fibril strain transmissible to 
    wild-type α-synuclein
    Sun Y.P.¶, Long H.F.¶, Xia W.C., Wang K., Zhang X., Sun B., Cao, Q., Zhang Y.Y., 
    Dai B., Li D., Liu C.*
    Nat. Commun.
    , 2021. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • O-Glycosylation Induces Amyloid-β To Form New Fibril Polymorphs Vulnerable 
    for Degradation
    Liu D.L.¶, Wei Q.J.¶, Xia W.C.¶, He C.D., Zhang Q.K., Huang L., Wang X.Y., Sun Y.P., 
    Ma Y.Y., Zhang X.H., Wang Y., Shi X.M., Liu C.*, Dong S.W.*
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2021. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Hsp70 chaperones TDP-43 in dynamic, liquid-like phase and prevents it from 
    amyloid aggregation
    Gu J.G.¶, Wang C.¶, Hu R.F.¶, Li Y.C., Zhang S.N., Sun Y.P., Wang Q.Q., Li D., 
    Fang Y.S.*, Liu C.*
    Cell Research., 2021. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Mechanistic basis for receptor-mediated pathological α-synuclein fibril 
    cell-to-cell transmission in Parkinson's disease
    Zhang S.N.¶, Liu Y.Q.¶, Jia C.Y.¶, Lim Y.J.¶, Feng G.Q.¶, Xu E.Q.,  Long H.F., 
    Yasuyoshi Kimura, Tao Y.Q., Zhao C.Y., Wang C.C., Liu Z.Y., Hu J.J., Ma M.R., 
    Liu Z.J., Lin J., Li D., Wang R.X., Valina L Dawson, Ted M Dawson*, Li Y.M.*, 
    Mao X.B.*, Liu C.*
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A.
    , 2021.  (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)

    Full Article
  • Wild-type α-synuclein inherits the structure and exacerbated neuropathology of E46K mutant fibril strain by cross-seeding
    Long H.F.¶, Zheng W.T.¶, Liu Y., Sun Y.P., Zhao K., Liu Z.Y., Xia W.C., Lv S.R., Liu Z.T., Li D., He K.W.*, Liu C.*
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A.
    , 2021.  (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • The structure of a minimum amyloid fibril core formed by necroptosis-mediating RHIM of human RIPK3
    Wu X.L.¶, Ma Y.Y.¶, Zhao K.¶, Zhang J., Sun Y.P., Li Y.C., Dong X.Q., Hu H., Liu J., 
    Wang J., Zhang X., Li B., Wang H.Y., Li D., Sun B., Lu J.X.*, Liu C.*
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A.
    , 2021.  (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • A novel partially-open state of SHP2 points to a "multiple gear" regulation 


    Tao Y.Q.¶, Xie J.F.¶, Zhong Q.L.¶, Wang Y.Y.¶, Zhang S.N, Luo F., Wen F.C., Xie J.J., 

    Zhao J.W., Sun X.O., Long H.F., Ma J.F., Zhang Q., Long J.G., Fang X.Y., Lu Y., Li D., Li M., Zhu J.D., Sun B., Li G.H.*, Diao J.J.*, Liu C.*

    J. Biol. Chem., 2021. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)

    Full Article
  • Hierarchical chemical determination of amyloid polymorphs in 
    neurodegenerative disease
    Li D.*, Liu C.*
    Nat. Chem. Biol.
    , 2021. (*corresponding author)

    Full Article
  • The nuclear localization sequence mediates hnRNPA1 amyloid fibril formation 

    revealed by cryoEM structure

    Sun Y.P.¶, Zhao K.¶, Xia W.C., Feng G.Q., Gu J.G., Ma Y.Y., Gui X.R., Zhang X., 

    Fang Y.S., Sun B., Wang R.X., Liu C.*, Li D.*

    Nat. Commun., 2020. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Hsp40 proteins phase separate to chaperone the assembly and maintenance of 

    membraneless organelles
    Gu J.G.¶, Liu Z,Y.¶, Zhang S.N., Li Y.C., Xia W.C., Wang C., Xiang H.J., Liu Z.J., Tan L., Fang Y.S., Liu C.*, Li D.*
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA., 2020, 117(49), 31123-31133. 
    (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)

    Full Article
  • Phase separation of disease-associated SHP2 mutants underlies 
    MAPK hyperactivation
    Zhu G.Y.¶, Xie J.J.¶, Kong W.N.¶, Xie J.F.¶, Li Y.C., Du L., Zheng Q.G., Sun L., 
    Guan M.F., Li H., Zhu T.X., He H., Liu Z.Y., Xia X., Kan C., Tao Y.Q.,Shen H.C., Li D., 
    Wang S.Y., Yu Y.G., Yu Z.H., Zhang Z.Y., Liu C.*, Zhu J.D.*
    Cell,2020. (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)

    Full Article
  • Parkinson's disease-related phosphorylation at Tyr39 rearranges α-synuclein 
    amyloid fibril structure revealed by cryo-EM
    Zhao K.¶, Lim Y.J.¶, Liu Z.Y.¶, Long H.F., Sun Y.P., Hu J.J., Zhao C.Y., Tao Y.Q., 
    Zhang X., Li D., Li Y.M.*, Liu C.*
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA.
    ,2020, 117(33), 20305-20315. 
    (¶co-first author, *corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Liquid-liquid Phase Separation in Biology: Mechanisms, Physiological Functions 
    and Human Diseases
    Zhang H.*, Ji X.*, Li P.*, Liu C.*, Lou J.*, Wang Z., Wen W.*, Xiao Y., 
    Zhang M.*, Zhu X.*
    Sci. China. Life. Sci., 2020, 63, 953–985.(*corresponding author)
    Full Article
  • Stress Induces Dynamic, Cytotoxicity-Antagonizing TDP-43 Nuclear Bodies via 
    Paraspeckle LncRNA NEAT1-Mediated Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation
    Wang C.¶, Duan Y.J.¶, Duan G.¶, Wang Q.Q., Zhang K., Deng X., QianB.T., Gu J.G., Ma Z.W., Zhang S., Guo L., Liu C.*, Fang Y.S.*
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    Full Article
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    Full Article
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    Full Article
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    Full Article
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    Full Article
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    Full Article
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