Journal Club

Chu-Chu Wang, 2016-6-12

Jing-Fei Xie, 2016-6-2

Chun-Yu Jia, 2016-5-24

Xin-Rui Gui, 2016-5-13

Tong-Zhou Li, 2016-5-5

Zhen-Ying Liu, 2016-4-26

Jin-Ge Gu, 2016-4-21

He Li, 2016-4-7, Induction of de novo α-synuclein fibrillization in a neuronal model for Parkinson’s disease.

Feng Luo, 2016-3-31, 

Jia Tu, 2016-3-24, Nanoscopic insights into seeding mechanisms and toxicity of α-synuclein species in neurons.

Xiao-Juan Ma, 2016-3-17,Axon Self-Destruction: New Links among SARM1, MAPKs, and NAD+ Metabolism.

Kang-Yun Dong, 2016-3-11, Sequential Engagement of Distinct MLKL Phosphatidylinositol-Binding Sites Executes Necroptosis.

Xiang Zhang, 2016-2-25, Mechanistic and Structural Insights into the Prion-Disaggregase Activity of Hsp104.

Xin-Rui Gui, 2016-2-18, Molecular Basis of Orb2 Amyloidogenesis and Blockade of Memory Consolidation.

Chun-Yu Zhao, 2016-1-27,  The Synaptic Vesicle Release Machinery.

Chu-Chu Wang, 2016-1-21, Dynamic structural flexibility of α-synuclein.

Jing-Fei Xie, 2016-1-13, A Designed Inhibitor of p53 Aggregation Rescues p53 Tumor Suppression in Ovarian Carcinomas.

Bin Dai, 2016-1-8, Liquids, Fibers, and Gels: The Many Phases of Neurodegeneration.

Ming-Can Yu, 2015-12-30, Amyloidogenic oligomerization transforms drosophila Orb2 from a translation repressor to an activator.

Chun-Yu Jia, 2015-12-25, An in vivo platform for identifying inhibitors of protein aggregation.

Chun-Yu Zhao, 2014-5-14, Pharmacological chaperones stabilize retromer to limit APP processing.

Jing-Fei Xie, 2014-5-7, Heat of supersaturation-limited amyloid burst directly monitored by isothermal titration calorimetry.

Xiang Zhang, 2014-4-30, Chemical kinetics for drug discovery to combat protein aggregation diseases.

Li-Qiong Xu, 2014-4-23, Direct visualization of HIV-enhancing endogenous amyloid fibrils in human semen.

Bin Dai,  2014-4-16, 18:30, Classroom 3, Synthesis and patterning of tunable multiscale materials with engineered cells.

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